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Outsourcing Transcription

Transcription is a good method of providing an alternative source of information. Businesses can provide highlights from conferences, interviews, and podcasts in text format. Australian and New Zealand businesses can update their customers who may not be able to access audio or videos.

Businesses can reduce costs by outsourcing transcription services, but they need the right service provider. Trancriptionists who are not well-versed in the English language will find it difficult to transcribe the audio or video content. This will lead to inaccurate text. In worse cases, it may even lead to misunderstanding or false information.

Australasian companies can avoid this problem by outsouring trancription through MicroSourcing. Our offshore staff leasing team can find the right talent from a low-cost labour market. A Filipino transcriptionist can handle legal, medical, and other forms of transcription work.

Outsourcing Transcription to the Philippines

Here at MicroSourcing, Australian and New Zealand companies can benefit from these advantages:

  • Specialised skills. Filipinos can deliver accurate legal and medical transcription. The Philippines has a considerable number of healthcare and legal professionals who can be tapped to provide transcription services.
  • Competitive advantage - Filipinos are highly knowledgeable of Western figures of speech and accent. Businesses can reduce costs and hire highly skilled transcribers through MicroSourcing.

Businesses should look into skills and quality of services apart from cost savings. The Philippines can provide these solutions to Australasian businesses. Whether you want transcription of legal proceedings or medical audio records, MicroSourcing is here to assist you. We can help you disseminate information more efficiently.

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