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Client Case Study: Star News Group PTY Ltd

Star News Group (SNG) began its partnership with MicroSourcing in March 2013 when it hired two designers to typeset advertisements for its newspaper business at MicroSourcing's MOA site. This was after MD Paul Thomas and Creative Services Manager Chris Beale had spent time during December 2012 in Manila visiting and comparing companies to perform this task for the company. By July of 2013, the headcount was up to six with the SNG Manila team designing the majority of the company's newspaper adverts.

In January 2014, SNG started to have their newspaper editorial pages put together at MicroSourcing and nine more staff were added to the SNG Manila team.

In between these events, in May 2013, SNG hired a web developer to help their chief programmer in Pakenham, Australia, with the company's websites. In June of 2014, a senior programmer was also added to the SNG Manila IT team.

In a further move towards outsourcing, SNG hired an administrative assistant in September 2014. This brought the total number of staff to 18.

What Our Client Says

"The professional partnership between Star News Group and MicroSourcing has worked extremely well for Star due to a number of factors. The staff at MicroSourcing have provided excellent service within a positive working environment. In addition to that, the staff recruited and now within our team have been an exceptional group of professional staff with passion and commitment for their profession and for our company. Star has been able to save money but not lose any of the productivity or skills through the move to MicroSourcing. Thank you and we hope the partnership will continue."

Chris Beale
Creative Services Manager, Star News Group PTY Ltd

MicroSourcing's Added Value

The service we provide for Star News Group is a good example of our Offshore Staff Leasing delivery model and how it can help companies establish an offshore team in the Philippines quickly. MicroSourcing handles the overhead and support processes. It is likewise easy to increase the number of the client's team members since we take charge of the entire recruitment process - sourcing for suitable candidates and hiring them to be part of the operations.