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Case Study:

Client Description is a network of lifestyle websites with topics ranging from extreme sports like snowboarding and rock climbing to personal well-being subjects like yoga and meditation. It has 20 lifestyle subject portals running on 20 different domains. The objective of each website is to cover its lifestyle subject from every possible perspective by providing a large library of information articles, news desk which is updated daily, forum, picture sharing, online shop, and a worldwide travel services directory. Some of MaxLifestyle's most popular lifestyle portals are Snowboarding, Yoga, Hiking, and Rock Climbing.

Services we Provide to MaxLifestyle

MaxLifestyle has been using our standard Staff Leasing solution since April 2004 and their offshore team has since grown from three copywriters to a team of 20 full-time offshore team members who literally run the entire MaxLifestyle network. We take care of all the tasks involved in developing, expanding, and commercially running MaxLifestyle:

What Our Client Says

"My relationship with MicroSourcing dates all the way back to 2004 when I decided to quit my career in investment banking to start an exciting new venture called MaxLifestyle. Being new to the internet industry, I knew I needed a solid business partner with the experience and the resources to get my business up and running.

It is now seven years later and MaxLifestyle has a large team in the Philippines virtually running the entire business and taking care of all our design and development work, site management, online marketing and customer support. Our growth and success would never have been possible without their dedication, hard work, and close partnership."

Mark Teijgeler
  • Web Design & Web Development
    The current version of the websites has been fully designed and developed by staff leased from MicroSourcing. Today, the same team is responsible for ongoing site and system upgrades implemented daily.
  • Copywriting
    At least 90% of all articles on the entire network have been written by copywriters leased from MicroSourcing. The fact that our Filipino copywriters have been able to write high quality content about topics like snowboarding shows their ability to write compelling content about any topic.
  • Graphic Design & Flash Animation
    At least 90% of all site graphics and 100% of all Flash animations on the network have been created by our designers. We are especially proud of the various instructional Flash animations that we have created, like the Snowboarding Beginner Course and the Yoga Beginner Course.
  • SEO & Online Marketing
    Our SEO specialists and online marketers have been able to place six MaxLifestyle sites in the Top 10 in Google for their main keywords (e.g. Snowboarding, Rock Climbing). This has resulted in a triple figure growth in traffic for the last three years.
  • Site Moderation
    Our webmasters manage the websites and take care of community building, forum moderation, and content vetting for the picture sharing sections.
  • Data Processing
    The shops on all sites are maintained by our data processors, who process the data feeds that MaxLifestyle receives from its many affiliate shops. The services listed in the Travel Services Directory were found and inserted by our data processors.

MicroSourcing's Added Value

MaxLifestyle's directors will be the first to tell you that MaxLifestyle would not be what it is today without MicroSourcing. We have been there every step of the way and have seen them grow from a team of four enthusiasts with a business plan and three live websites, to the huge network it is today. They will also be the first to admit that 90% of all the work have been done in the Philippines and are being done in the Philippines through MicroSourcing. Unique killer content like the Flash animated beginner courses would never have been feasible if they have to be developed in the United States. The high costs of developing such content would have simply made it impossible. MaxLifestyle is capable of developing and running a professional online network of the same quality as their US-based counterparts at a fraction of the costs. High quality deliverables at very low costs will be an accurate summary of the added value that MicroSourcing provides to MaxLifestyle.

To us, MaxLifestyle proves that we understand the internet industry and we are capable of providing the full range of tasks involved in the development and management of an internet business.