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Client Case Study: a Technical Services Company

Client Description

Our client is a US-based technical services company that has developed its own patented software to provide highly specialized services for the engineering, construction, and insurance industries. Its software and methods are highly confidential, meaning we cannot go into detail about the tasks performed by its offshore team at MicroSourcing.

Services We Provide to the Client

Our client contacted us on May 18, 2008, asking if we could set up a team that would use its patented software to produce its unique engineering-related product. Our client had to increase its production capacity as soon as possible and wanted us to be able to deliver a fully operational team of 30 staff members on or before June 12, 2008. This gave us 24 days. We quickly ran through the due diligence process with them and by May 28, we had an agreement in place. This left us 12 days to find the 30 initial employees and set up the infrastructure. The software required us to bring in 24" LCD screens with video cards capable of handling the high resolution. For the training of the pilot group, our client sent over four trainers and we arranged their entire stay in the Philippines including the lease of four executive studios near our office. We successfully hired people and put the infrastructure in place by June 12 and training started as planned.

The pilot group was trained for three weeks before they entered live production. Three out of the four trainers left after the training was completed and one stayed for another four weeks to monitor the first few weeks of production. The team picked up quickly and our client was getting great results. The top performers were identified and given positions as team leaders. After the first two months of production, they decided to ramp up and add 24 people to their team. This second phase started on September 29, 2008 and training was handled completely in-house by the pilot group.

MicroSourcing's Added Value

This case study shows our capability to deliver a project that is outside of our regular fields of expertise. No one in our management team had any experience in the specialized technical services that our client offers. Still, our client trusted our capability to find people in the Philippines with the necessary skill sets and manage their offshore team effectively. We repaid that trust by providing them an offshore team that is greatly increasing their production capacity at much lower costs than they would have had domestically. The 24/5 operations furthermore assure a quick response to orders that need to be delivered on a tight deadline.