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Company Overview

MicroSourcing is a business process solutions company based in Manila, Philippines. We have a wide range of service delivery models that can be customised to meet the requirements of Australasian companies both large and small. We also specialise in four major disciplines that utilise the natural traits of the Filipino workforce: good English communication skills, creativity and Western culture compatibility.

Service Delivery Models

Staff Leasing

This enables Australasian companies to hire one or more employees to form an offshore team in the Philippines.

Virtual Captives

This delivery model enables Australasian companies to establish business operations in the Philippines.

Project Outsourcing

This enables Australasian companies to outsource small and/or one-time business requirements.


MicroSourcing specialises in various disciplines that utilise the skill set of the local labour market. Filipinos are known to be highly creative, have an excellent command of the English language, and are easy to work with and relate to because of their compatibility with Western culture. Annually, the Philippines produces about half a million graduates with a wide range of educational skills including information technology, creative design, communication, and marketing.

IT & Internet Outsourcing Disciplines

Many graduates are skilled in various internet-related processes and the field of information technology.

Creative Services Outsourcing

Affinity with Western culture enables Filipino's to work with the Australasian audience in mind.

English Language Services Outsourcing

Filipinos are known to have a neutral accent and excellent English communication skills.

Outsource Back Office Functions

The Philippines has a large pool of HR specialists and other back office personnel.

MicroSourcing currently employs 4385 people, servicing 224 clients from different parts of the world. We have 7 offices in 6 locations in Manila and Cebu. Make sure to visit our Virtual Tour to know the overall look and environment of MicroSourcing.

It may have become a popular business solution over the years, but offshore outsourcing is not one-size-fits-all. Clients need to find a reputable service provider that can offer the right model customised to meet their requirements, and formed with core values of professionalism, transparency, and trust. MicroSourcing is a BPO company that has what it takes to deliver what you need. We have a client management team in Australia that can assist you in setting up your offshore operations in the Philippines. Contact Us today and see what MicroSourcing can offer.