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Partnership with Salmat

The Kooijman family started their first operations in the Philippines in 2004. Two years later, they transformed this company to MicroSourcing, the first managed services provider in the country. The company grew from 30 to more than 2,000 employees in 2013.

In 2014, the Kooijman family partnered with Salmat, the leading provider of customer engagement and marketing solutions in Australia and New Zealand. This partnership gives us the expertise, resources, and market reach to provide better services for our existing clients and grow our company to serve more.

Salmat provides integrated multi-channel customer engagement and marketing solutions for Australia and New Zealand businesses. The company helps organisations boost revenue and reduce costs, as well as improve customer experience to ensure business growth and sustainability.

Know more about Salmat:

  • Manages more than six billion multi-channel customer interactions a year
  • Listed in the Australian Stock Exchange with annual revenues of $467 million AUD - (Salmat Limited: SLM).
  • Based in Australia with operations in the Philippines, New Zealand, and Sri Lanka
  • Salmat has been serving Australia and New Zealand's most trusted bands for 35 years since it was founded by Philip Salter and Peter Mattick in 1979.

Find out more about Salmat at: