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Outsourcing 3D Modeling


3D modeling has a variety of uses. 3D artists can create detailed animated characters, proposed buildings and landscapes, and designs of new structures. Australian and New Zealand businesses can use 3D models in various ways to create life-like simulations.

Like most technologically advanced tasks, 3D modeling is expensive. It requires knowledge in specific software programs, training, and experience. 3D projects and related tasks can quickly increase overhead costs when done in-house.

Australasian companies can alleviate financial burdens by outsourcing 3D modeling through MicroSourcing. Our offshore staff leasing team can find the right talent from a low-cost labour market. Filipino 3D artists can deliver accurate 3D models. They are proficient in Autodesk Maya, Softimage, Autodesk 3D Max, Zbrush, and Cinema 4D.

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