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Outsourcing Data Entry


In its simplest form, data entry means copying content from a certain medium and inserting it into the system. The original content can come from various sources such as paper, scanned documents, and audio files. Most businesses need a data encoder for their core production processes or administration.

Australian and New Zealand businesses can hire an offshore data encoder to reduce costs. However, there are still other factors that need to be considered apart from cost savings. Data entry may involve other tasks apart from the simple copy-pasting of data. These include research, identification or application of business rules before data can be entered into the system. Businesses need data encoders who are proficient in English to ensure accurate data entry.

Australasian companies can benefit from outsourcing data entry through MicroSourcing. Our offshore staff leasing team can find the right talent from a low-cost labour market. Filipino data entry specialists can handle a wide variety of data entry tasks including data research and text analysis.

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