The recruitment process is quite similar to hiring a local employee through a recruitment company. We take your brief and handle the search, shortlist and initial interviews for you, then once you’ve chosen the people you’d like to be in your team, we employ them and get them set up in our facilities, ready for you to onboard.

Here are the basic steps in the process:

  1. You provide job descriptions for each member of the team
  2. One of our recruiters will call you to discuss your needs further
  3. We advertise in all the major job boards in the Philippines and also mine our own carefully curated talent pool of over 200,000 applicants to find the right person for each of your roles
  4. We interview several people for each role, and present you with a shortlist of the most suitable candidates
  5. You conduct interviews – either in person, here in the Philippines, or remotely, using Skype video chat
  6. You choose your favorite candidates for each role
  7. We extend an offer of employment to each
  8. When they accept, we agree on their start date
  9. Upon commencement, we set them up in our offices, with a desk, computer, phone, internet connection, agreed software and anything else they need
  10. We conduct onsite inductions about our building and how things work
  11. You train the employee in any special requirements for their role