If you plan to completely replace a local (onshore) team with an offshore team, then obviously your local team will be negatively impacted. But if you’re offshoring to free up your local team’s time, allowing them to focus on higher value tasks, then they’re sure to thank you for it. They’ll finally be able to action all those ‘one day’ tasks they’ve been putting off for months or even years.

Overall, offshoring is good for local employment. There’s a misconception that it means losing local jobs, but the reality is it strengthens your business and helps you compete long-term, which is excellent for local employees. The vast majority of MicroSourcing clients don’t reduce local staff numbers at all.

By offshoring, you can ensure the long-term sustainability of your business. By optimizing your costs and boosting your productivity, you’ll unlock the next phase of growth and profitability so you can compete on a global scale.

The world is changing, fast. Businesses that embrace the global marketplace now, can enjoy its benefits now, too, rather than scrambling to (maybe) catch up in a few more years.