MicroSourcing recruits experienced staff for your role, so they hit the ground running.
You can then train your new team members in the specifics of your company, your workflow and anything else that’s specific to your business.

You should provide training on your company’s history, products, services, processes, special software, tone of voice and policies. You’ll also need to communicate tasks and responsibilities to your remote team, check in on their progress and answer their questions. We recommend using project management systems and text-chat software. Daily communication helps everyone feel like part of a team and gets the best outcome for your business.

You’re also responsible for managing your team’s performance and reviews. It’s important to give plenty of feedback, especially in the early stages of working together. Your offshore team wants to help you as much as possible, but they’re not mind readers so they need clear communication.

Of course, your operations account manager will proactively support your goals, throughout, including providing well documented processes for performance improvement and disciplinary actions. We also boast a training department and a large training library for most disciplines.