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Staff Leasing

For organisations of any size, there are various ways of getting the right people they need in their business operations. They can either look for candidates and run the standard recruitment process or hire staffing agencies to do the work for them. When companies find it difficult to attract talent at an affordable rate, accessing employees through offshore staff leasing becomes a viable solution. MicroSourcing will recruit and house the employees but of course you can decide on their daily tasks and how these will be done. Here's a diagram that covers the services and other resources that will be provided by MicroSourcing:

Your Offshore Organisation in the Philippines

Your Company
Operations Management
Operations Management
Your Offshore Staff
Your Company
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By staffing offshore instead of domestically, you will save at least 60-70% on direct personnel costs. You will also be saving money indirectly as you won't have to worry about providing your offshore staff with office space, workstations, connectivity, and other facilities. The diagram below explains how we will support your offshore team.

The benefits to your business

Cost Reduction

Labour arbitrage is one of the primary reasons companies set up offshore teams in the Philippines. Staff and operational costs are significantly lower in the Philippines than in Western countries.

Increased Operational

Our services agreements and delivery models provide outsourcing agility, enabling Australasian companies to ramp up operations or downsize offshore teams quickly.

Access to Skilled Labour

Offshore staffing enables clients to tap into a new pool of talent that have the right skill set. In cases where finding the right employees and retaining them are difficult, setting up an offshore team to the Philippines can be the solution.

Transparency & Control

We take pride in being able to provide a pricing model that is fully transparent. You know exactly what your offshore team members are getting in terms of the salary and benefits. You also have complete control over your offshore team. You can communicate directly with them or through a MicroSourcing supervisor who is assigned to your team. You are likewise encouraged to visit your team on location.

Time Zone Coverage

Since the Philippines is in the AEST-3, AWST+0 time zone, setting up an offshore team easily allows Australasian clients to establish a time zone aligned operation. If greater flexibility is required, then a 24/7 approach can be applied. Candidates are open to taking on customised timetables, therefore the offshore team can be tailored to the needs of a client's working schedule.



We charge a fixed fee per employee per month.


The total direct costs of the employee in terms of base salary, benefits, taxes and insurances.


The fee we charge for the assets and support services we provide to your operations.

With several years of providing outsourcing services, we have a proven record of enabling clients to make significant savings when compared to hiring staff domestically. Through our transparent pricing model, you can be sure that we will hire only those who are suitable for your requirements and there is no incentive for us to employ people at low salaries and charge you with higher rates.

Offshore Staffing is very easy

Offshore staffing is a business process that is more or less the same as hiring one or more employees domestically. The main difference is the service provider, or MicroSourcing in this case, will be responsible not only for the recruitment process but also the operational management once your offshore team starts working for you from the Philippines. To get started, we assess your requirements, create job profiles, and start looking for candidates who have the knowledge and skill set that you need. You can be involved in the screening process by giving your own tests or interviewing the candidates. You can also let us take care of the entire recruitment process. When it comes to IT and connectivity, our IT department will work closely together with you to ensure that the workflow of your offshore team in the Philippines is in sync with the operations domestically. We will also be handling the operational management aspect. The supervisor who will be assigned to your offshore team will make sure your goals are met and will keep you updated on what's happening within your team. Any other aspect that your offshore team will need will be provided and managed by MicroSourcing.

From Offshore Team to Virtual Captive

Virtual captive is another service delivery model that enables Australasian companies to set up their own operations in the Philippines which will be fully hosted and managed by MicroSourcing. It will be like a company within a company, with their own work area and management team. There's a thin line between offshore staffing and a virtual captive. In terms of scale, offshore staffing is usually smaller than a virtual captive. Many of our clients start with setting up their offshore teams, then move on to a virtual captive that offers more autonomy over the large-scale operation. As clients add more processes and people to their offshore team, they eventually become virtual captives, utilising the expertise and local knowledge of MicroSourcing and making the operations a core part of their companies.