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Outsourcing Disciplines

Our Service Delivery Models can be applied to a wide variety of disciplines and workflow processes. Throughout the years, we have decided to focus on disciplines that best suit the Filipino people and the Philippine business environment. We have divided these disciplines into four main segments we list below:

English Language Services

The Philippines has skilled English language speakers. Get voice-based services from the top outsourcing destination.

Gain access to a talented pool of Filipino sales representatives in a low-cost labour market.

Filipinos have excellent English language skills, delivering unique and quality content that fits and promotes your business.

Filipinos have excellent English business skills and keen attention to detail, making them ideal proofreaders and editors.

With excellent English language skills, Filipinos can accurately transcribe audio, video, and picture files.

Gain access to workforce with excellent English language skills. Hire offshore and work with Filipino content moderators.

The Philippines has technically skilled online game moderators with excellent English language skills.

Filipino community moderators have the knowledge and skills to help you build and maintain an online community.

Back Office

Filipino data entry specialists can handle various data entry tasks. Reduce overhead costs and get results.

Gain access to a pool of English-proficient data processors by outsourcing data processing through MicroSourcing.

Access a pool of highly qualified HR practitioners and offshore recruitment specialists and benefit from HRO and RPO.

Filipino accountants have excellent communication skills and proficiency in international accounting standards.

Hire offshore. Find Filipino virtual assistants who can efficiently assist you in daily business tasks.

Filipino Medical Coders or Clinical Abstractors can meet your healthcare needs.

Creative Services

Filipino web designers have the talent to give you a new look or make your current website even better.

Filipino graphic designers can deliver the right design that captures your brand and the interest of your customers.

Filipino ad designers can deliver effective and creative ideas for designs that can capture a Western audience.

Filipino designers can help you with a wide range of print and prepress processes, from design to paper selection.

Filipino freehand artists and animators can create high quality Flash animation for advertising and interactive web use.

Globally competitive Filipino animators can deliver a wide range of high quality animation.

Receive low-cost 3D modeling services from talented Filipino 3D artists without compromising quality.

Filipino CAD Operators have the technical skills to meet production demand.

IT & Internet

Gain access to technical expertise. Proficient web developers will make sure your website works seamlessly.

The Philippines has a fast-growing IT sector with highly skilled software developers.

Filipino mobile application developers can create various applications for smartphones and other handheld devices.

The Philippines has globally competitive game developers that can create games and animations for various gaming platforms.

The Philippines has internet-savvy and proficient SEO experts with technical know-how to enhance online presence.

Gain access to a pool of talented Filipino social media marketers who can boost your online marketing efforts.

Offshore IT specialists can perform a wide range of technical support, network maintenance, and system administration tasks.