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How it Works

MicroSourcing enables Australian businesses to have its own offshore operations in the Philippines. It provides the perfect middle ground between outsourcing and starting a new company.

The Traditional Method

Companies have two options in establishing operations in the Philippines - outsourcing work to a third party provider or incorporating their own subsidiary. Both options have advantages and disadvantages.

Managed Operations

MicroSourcing provides the best of both worlds through a unique solution. Managed operations service delivery model enables businesses to start their own independent offshore operation in one of the fastest-growing economies in Southeast Asia.

MicroSourcing will hire and employ Filipino staff, and equip them with all necessary assets and support services they need. Australian business owners can use their own expats or locally hired managers, or they can take advantage of our skilled operations managers.

We provide a strong relationship structure to manage strategic and operational needs, as well as deliver high quality outcomes. More importantly, Australian businesses will have complete overview of operations and complete control over their growth.

We are one team working towards one goal: the success of your new business in the Philippines.