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Success Tips in Establishing an Offshore Team in the Philippines

by: Ashley Truscott

Thursday, October 1, 2015 |

Success Tips in Establishing an Offshore Team in the Philippines

Increasingly, I get asked by new clients what the tips to success are in establishing an offshore team at MicroSourcing. And what best practices clients are doing that separate their Managed Operation from the pack in terms of performance, retention, and satisfaction.

Best practices in establishing an offshore team

Unfortunately, it doesn’t come down to just one or two things, it requires a broader and more consistent approach to both operational planning and ongoing behaviours. Summarised below is what we see being key client behaviours that facilitate a best-practice operation, ultimately leading to higher success rates with an offshore team:


  • Commence with low-hanging fruit opportunities.
  • Over invest in the beginning - visit MicroSourcing, on the ground training, solid workflows/KPIs.
  • Start with a team rather than one staff - provides buffer and support.
  • Target quality candidates initially, don’t be too price-conscious.
  • Have your staff work through a training/probation period.
  • Work closely with MicroSourcing management and staff.
  • Identify retention programs/performance drivers.
  • Develop and invest in potential talent.


  • Embrace the move, treat your offshore team as if it were your own.
  • Your local management team is 100% supportive of the move.
  • Ensure full buy-in from your internal POC/s liaising with offshore team day to day.
  • Establish and hold a long-term view of your offshore operations - ride the bumps on the journey.
  • Extend the positive cultural aspects of your business into your offshore operation.

If you’d like to discuss any of these points in greater detail, feel free to contact us.


Ash Truscott
General Manager - Australasia

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