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Your Guide to Outsourcing Litigation Support

by: Sidney Liquigan

Monday, November 6, 2017 |

Legal process outsourcing (LPO) provides efficient and cost-effective solutions for law firms and legal practitioners who are looking to maximize their time and resources to focus on higher level tasks.

Companies, aside from law firms, also benefit from litigation support services. And since it is not cheap to start and maintain your own litigation support department, the more practical solution is to outsource litigation support.

Litigation support services you can outsource

Offshore outsourcing companies such as MicroSourcing offer litigation support services that typically do not require physical presence.

These litigation support services include:

  • documentation
  • legal translation
  • review and analysis
  • indexing and archiving
  • research
  • legal coding
  • motions drafting
  • legal forms preparation
  • summaries
  • case files

Why you should outsource litigation support

The legal tasks listed above typically involve more data entry work and deal with encoding and technology more than the law itself. It makes sense to outsource these litigation support services to help your lawyers and legal staff to focus on using their expertise on actual legal matters such as building and managing cases.

Like all outsourcing services, outsourcing litigation support allows you to take advantage of professional and specialized services at lower costs. Outsourcing companies have flexible and scalable solutions that you can acquire on an as-needed basis.

Outsource litigation support to MicroSourcing

We understand that sharing legal documents is a confidential and sensitive matter. For your security and privacy, we guarantee that all our professionals are bound by non-disclosure agreements. Furthermore, we follow the Managed Operations delivery model, in which you have full control and ownership and MicroSourcing's role is to help you manage your Filipino team.

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